These days, there are so much ways we can receive and pass information. Most of them do not need the physical use of a pen. This is where handwriting analysis becomes important. In fact, the evaluation of a person through their handwriting has never been more important or critical than it is today. This is because there are less and less means to do so, from electronic mail, to graphically designed CVS employers and other clients are finding it extremely difficult to ascertain the sincerity or motivation of an individual beyond what is written on electronic ink.

In this brief, we will be giving you a synopsis of what you need to know about the handwriting of an individual and what it portends for you or your business. We will also give you a sneak peek into graphotherapy and how the adaptation of different handwriting techniques can impact massively on your life.

  1. Handwriting Tells A Lot About You

Graphology has always been seen as a science and this has continued till today. There are many huge institutions who utilize the services of a graphologist including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). There are many uses of handwriting evaluation and this is because our writing style is an intimate reflection of who we are.

When you imprint your thoughts on paper with the aid of ink, your personality gets stamped across the page with it. And this is what handwriting professionals are after. They analyse every tiny speck of your writing including the size, cursive, slant, and pressure. There is always something in the way your writing is structured that tells one or two things about your personality traits.

For instance a handwriting that is big in size which is also slanted to the right, reveals that an individual is an extrovert and will be successful in professional fields like marketing and dealerships. But if an individual has jagged and pointy strokes, it shows the author is aggressive and short fused.

  1. Handwriting Analysis In the Job Market

There are a plethora of instances where handwriting analysis have cracked open cases working in forensic laboratories located in the FBI and in Scotland Yard but the discovery of crime is not the only stock in trade for an accredited graphologist. The science of handwriting evaluation can be applied in many disciplines and sectors including the employment sector.

Employers who are well versed in the importance of evaluation utilize handwriting analysis to better understand a candidates strength and weakness in relation to a job proposal. In the casino industry, we see this all the time. When online casinos brought the Andar Bahar to the market, they needed to sell it to the public. By involving people using handwriting for marketing, they came up with a brand new concept that is used by online casinos today. It can also be used to understand the compatibility of couples and can make you know whether a potential partner is the right choice for you. As you can see, handwriting analysis can come in handy for many things.

  1. Changing your lifestyle through Graphotherapy

Graphotherapy is a sub-category of graphicology. This is the ability to utilize the handwriting to make your life more qualitative for you. It works because of the connection of the brain with the hand we have talked about and by purposefully changing your writing style, you can improve areas of your life which previously have acted as stumbling blocks to your progress. It is a conscious action in your handwriting techniqued to bring about subconscious change. By carrying out graphotherapy exercises, you will be training your brain to help you deal with problematic issues in your life which has stunted your growth toward achieving your desired dreams.

There are many more importance of what a handwriting analysis can do for you but we hope that you can use these few pointers to better your life.