We have been in the graphological field for quite a number of years and in that period we have been consulted as a handwriting experts and forensic analysts in the private and public sectors. Over time, we have steadily built a clientele list boasting fortune 500 companies like Google, Samsung, HSBC, and Walmart.

Our expertise cut across different fields including the financial sector, manufacturing industry, crime, and journalism. From a few lines of scribbled writing, we can decipher a whole range of information which can be applied to your personal life or business as the case may be. We have acted as expert witnesses in different courts across the country and in high profile cases including the "Lateral Frauds matter" and the "Rutherford Killer"

In the past few years, our appearances in the media has enabled us remain the number graphological company in the country from our appearances on televisions series, to guest appearances on podcasts and radio shows.

We have also appeared on print, writing articles and editorials for the biggest newspapers including the Financial Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and The New York Post. Our in-depth knowledge of the human capacity for reasoning has enable d us send out our staff for trying on psychotherapy and majority of our staff are accredited graphotherapists sets today.

We are also proud to have helped technological startups in their recruitment process by assisting them to hire employees who are the best fit for their budding company. We go as far as organizing workshops, seminars, and webinars and give presentations and training to company staff as well as law enforcement agents.

In the course of our professional journey, we have authored many books and journals in the field of graphicology and you could access some of the free resources in our archives from here.

There is much more we are waiting to marvel you with when you reach out to us today.