Graphology also known as the knowledge of handwriting has for hundreds of years being a significant method of character assessment and analysis of a specific individual. This subject has been featured in many book and television programs such as the Sherlock Holmes series but you can be assured this field is not about entertainment but an empirical method to analyse data which hitherto could not be analysed before. With little more than a few lines of sampled handwriting, a trained professional graphologist can gain access to an in-depth perception of an individual. Well, this is what we have been magnificently doing for years now!

There are a lot of secrets we can unlock from your handwriting. We have mastered the capacity to tell your personality traits and behavioural instincts to an incredible degree of correctness and insight from your handwriting. Magic? No, it is trained genius!

Handwriting evaluation and study can typically show us you really are and you are capable of both in general and specific terms. Graphological services have been utilized a variety of industries including the financial sector and manufacturing industries.

You can see the works of a graphologist in private as well as public institutions especially with cases related to criminality and police work. Traditionally, graphology also offers staffers or employers the opportunity to access the strength and weaknesses of their staff and how their abilities promote or diminish their ability to work with others or flourish in their careers, and other aspect of their life.

In this technological age with a myriad of options to communicate and send goods and services, humans are losing our capacity to see people for who they are and our innate ability to judge people based on our instincts has been blunted by the everyday shenanigans of modern day tools. However, the use of graphology can help us understand an individual beyond what is written in a resume and the number of likes on an Instagram account.

Handwriting just like dental and fingerprint identification is unique to an individual and no two handwriting are ever the same. There is a subliminal connection between the brain and the hand and because of this, no matter how we try to fake or disguise it, there will always be tell-tale signs which inadvertently reveal a myriad of information about our emotional motivations and ambitions.

From just a scribble on a notepad, we can understand a lot about your targeted audience, partner, or client.

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