Employment Evaluation

A sample of a potential employee can be sent by mail to us for evaluation. The report we give can be used for different purposes depending on the need of the company involved. We create a personality profile based on the evaluation and this is used to pick up on certain information which the client may need to make an informed decision.

Our reports are usually dispassionate and written from a third person point of view. It is also devoid of prejudice and is blind to certain social stereotypes such as the age, sex, or race of the potential applicant. A report in this context need not divulge personal information and is intended to be used in collaboration with other interview tools.

It is pertinent to note that there are significant uses of a graphological report over what you would get when you conduct a psychometric examination because with handwriting evaluation, a report can tell who the writer really is as an individual and not just their ability to ace examinations or interviews.

Business Compatibility

Handwriting analysis has a variety of uses in the business sector. They are:

  1. To understand the suitability of potential business partners.

  2. To ascertain how a new employee will adapt to a working environment with existing employees and staff. A recent survey conducted by the Research Institute for Unemployment discovered majority of job related issues which has led to a sack was as a result of personal problems between staff. A lot of employers have come to realize the importance of hiring the right candidate as a matter of experience and to the detriment of their business.

Employing an incompatible candidate can be disastrous in more ways than affecting your bottom line. This is because the personality and attitude of a candidate is just as important as their qualifications and work experience.

  1. Personality profiling: this is a very crucial area because people interact with each other almost every day. But for there to be progress, there must be a means by which people understand themselves as well as to pinpoint the factors that make us think and take certain actions.

If we do not take the step to discover ourselves on an intimate level, we find that we make fundamental errors in our love life, families, careers, and friends. The reports we give give a detailed analysis and an in-depth understanding of the individual and guides them into making the correct choices in their personal and professional life.

  1. Marital Compatibility: With the divorce rate in the country, this is very important for intending couples who want to be able to work and live in harmony with their intended spouse. Because every individual is different it is crucial to find a partner that is in conformity with your needs, wants and aspirations in life. We give a comprehensive analysis of both partner and can chart a prognosis as to whether two different individuals will be able to make a happy home together.

Stop living in the dark, get in touch with us today, let us tell you a valuable lot from just handwriting!